February 4, 2011

She's lost control.

I’m a wild soul trapped in a fucking cage.
I get obsessed with several things which make me pretty much insane sometimes.
I’m full of greed and lust, which made me sick.
I get pleasure from every emotion that I can feel..happiness, love, anger, sorrow, jealousy.
I will trust u. But I’m gonna kill u first.
We both know that dead men tell no tales.
If u say to me “I’ll love you forever” and then change your mind…run.
I don't satiate death. I want chaos and confusion. I want. It. All.
 I don’t really know myself. I know only a few characteristics of me and every time I get really surprised of what I’m capable for. So… I’m not gonna ruin it more for u if u wanna get to know some other parts of me. I’ll let u do it by yourself..u know…discover me.

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